Are you feeling stuck in life?

That no matter what you do or say, there is nothing that can get you out of this rut. The rut of bad relationships, the rut of not being the professional success you know you are capable of, or the rut of just not being the joy filled, and happy woman you know you are meant to be - if this is you, don’t worry.

You are simply rooted in the wrong “soil.”

And though that may sound scary, the truth is - it isn’t. What’s scary, is staying stuck in these intense negative ruts that are beginning to feel like graves, not the road to success.

Gina Bell

Then let’s start a new adventure.

And the best way to do this is by having a creative adventure day together.

Gina Bell Chicago
Gina Bell Chicago

Here’s what that looks like.

1. We have a quick chat to discover your MoonRoot Spirit™ Style.

2. Then I will customize the perfect day for you in Chicago (or one of the other cool destinations I have on the books - check out my schedule here). Our day could be designed around museums, food, shopping - but most importantly it is designed around you and your creative spirit.

3. During our time together, besides creating amazing memories for you, I will be guiding you all along the way on how to connect with your creative self daily, how to get out of those ruts of life no matter if they are relationship, finances, personal, or professional.

4. You will leave not just feeling inspired and alive, but with a clear game plan of how to keep this creativity flowing.

5. And when you arrive back at home your personalized creative MoonRoot Spirit™ box will be waiting for you filled with mementos and action items to keep you in your unique creative spirit zone.



Adventure Dates

Maui, Hawaii AUGUST 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada SEPTEMBER 2019

Orlando, Florida OCTOBER 2019

Savannah, Georgia NOVEMBER 2019

Orlando, Florida DECEMBER 2019

Chicago, Illinois ONGOING 2019/2020

Mackinac Island, Michigan APRIL 2019 

Santa Fe, New Mexico MAY 2019 

Orlando, Florida JUNE 2019

Palm Springs, California JULY 2019

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Stop having your life be boring, stressed filled, and full of drama. Life should be an adventure and that all begins with you and me in the Windy city. 

Pricing is all inclusive minus travel and housing. 

Schedule time below to chat with me about what type of Adventure we can go and how we can make your  MoonRoot Spirit™ blossom. 

Gina Bell