Sloane Peterson, Dusty Jackets, and Old Pink High Tops

Sloane Peterson, Dusty Jackets, and Old Pink High tops .png

Somehow my gorgeous white faux leather jacket that helped me to embrace my inner rock star was collecting dust in my hotel closet. This is a new item I recently acquired that I imagined wearing everywhere. This is the jacket where I would channel my inner Sloane Peterson (Mia Sara) from the hit 80’s movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In the movie, Sloane wore a fitted white leather fringe jacket and appeared to be totally comfortable rocking her own unique style. I had my own unique style and wanted to honor my inner fashionista and creative energy by wearing the things I love and I did! While on location filming footage for the Fix My Brand with Ali Craig show I wore the jacket and felt really good in it.

Except I fell back into my old pattern.

I brought the jacket back to my hotel room and hung it up so it would be safe and sound until I was scheduled to return home to Chicago from Dallas.

There was a good chance I would wait several months before ever wearing it again. However, if I’m being honest it could be years. I would worry about wearing out the material or somehow not having the exact right event to wear it to. Or even wondering if I would be judged for wearing such a bold piece. Same with the gorgeous high heels I had loved wearing earlier in the day. I remembered a conversation I recently had with some new friends. They said that the items in my wardrobe were meant to be worn and loved. They said things like “Don’t you dare let that piece collect dust in your closet! It was made to be worn-- and by you!” This seemed like an easy enough idea but it was harder than I thought. Who was I to wear such bold and beautiful things?

Dang. This went way deeper than my wardrobe choices.

So, I remembered who I was. I remembered the little girl who played softball in the first grade and loved her pale pink Reebok high tops like they were the coolest pair of shoes on the entire planet.  I wore them everywhere. I didn’t care what anyone thought of my fashion sense. I wore them and I owned who I was and what I liked. I wore those shoes until they were literally falling off my feet. Then, I grew out of them and had to move on to something else. However, I never forget them or the way I felt while wearing them. I felt bold, confident, and unstoppable. (Even when I hit the ball with all my might and watched it sail over the heads of the opposing team only to almost burst into tears when I got an automatic out for throwing the bat too far from home plate) Those pink shoes had felt like they were made for me and I loved them.

Those pale pink high tops were the best. So, I had a sneaking suspicion that I would grow to love some really cool pieces that were in my museum at home. Umm...err….I mean my closet. Somewhere along the way my closet had become more like a museum of pretty things I never wore. Always wearing the same boring things and not honoring how amazing I truly am.

So I made a conscious decision while in Dallas to have a different relationship with my wardrobe, shoes, and accessories. It wouldn’t be easy but, I really wanted that pink high top feeling again. I wanted to show up for life feeling that my fashion choices were connected to my creative energy.

I went back to the hotel closet and put on the jacket, shoes, and earrings I had been wearing earlier and simply went to the local Whole Foods and got a pint of vegan ice cream. I even wore my favorite gorgeous pink fedora that is ironically the exact same color as my old pink high tops.

This realization doesn’t mean you won’t find me on some weekends lounging around my house in my husband’s sweatpants but, it does mean I will be more aware of how my wardrobe choices make me feel.

Stuck in a fashion rut? Honor your creative spirit by reexamining your relationship with your closet.

  • Take an inventory of the things you love but never wear

  • Set aside 5 outfits for the following week that make you feel happy

  • Ditch the items that don’t make you feel good while wearing them

  • Own your unique style wear what makes you...well, you!

  • Closet Check!

  • Turn around all the hangers in your closet to face the opposite direction

  • When you wear something, put the hanger back in the normal direction

In six months, any hanger still facing the wrong way is holding an item you haven't worn so it may be time to toss it

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