Glitter Heals


Tina Turner once said, ‘My greatest beauty secret is being happy with myself’. This is one of my favorite quotes for a few different reasons. First, I totally agree with Tina and can relate to how happiness radiates beauty. Also, it’s easy to get on board with the simplicity of the quote. Lastly, I think it’s super cool to share beauty secrets with Tina Turner.(It’s Tina Turner!) Most importantly though, there’s such hope in the realization that we all have the ability to find this place within the stillness of our hearts.

It’s time I share some of my own beauty secrets with you. It’s time I let you in on a simple way I connect with my own inner happiness. It’s time I write about my choice in footwear! Yep, footwear. My creativity and imagination are responsible for the evolution of my shoe collection. Here’s why:  Remember, we are all born with brilliant and radiant color that we are meant to stay connected to throughout our entire lives. However, life is sometimes messy and unpredictable in ways that keep us distracted from going deeper into that fabulous color. Enter my glitter heels. I love wearing glitter heels when I’m out sharing my stories with the world. I call them my super shoes because they remind me of all the powers and gifts I was born with. They are a constant reminder of the magic I carry within and the unique message only I can share. With every step I take I am brought back to that early energy and the consistent realization that just being me is magical and beautiful. My glitter heels help keep me grounded in my wisdom while inviting my inner spark to light my path.

My choice in footwear doesn’t mean I won’t be exposed to the dark, messy, complicated times in my life or that I won’t sometimes be responsible for creating my own neurotic and ridiculous storylines that keep me feeling stuck. However, my shoes will provide hope that magic and sadness may coexist in ways that promote growth and future happiness. Tina Turner is 100% correct when she says that inner happiness equals beauty. Having a glittery reminder of that is just what the rockstar ordered.  

  • Glitter heals the part of my mind that worries what the world would think of my zany and radiant energy.

  • Glitter heals the part of myself that forgot her own magic.

  • Glitter heals the part of my heart that was afraid to grow.

  • Glitter heals my critical thoughts regarding my own beautiful body.

  • Glitter heals the uneasy feeling I get before taking a big leap.

  • Glitter heals my own negative self-talk.

(sidenote: To be totally honest something about wearing glitter heels also reminds me of the old sticker albums I used to create as a child. The magic seemed to pop off the pages and empowered me to see the world more colorful, alive and full of potential.)

Gina Bell