Island Adventure!


I don’t know anywhere else on Earth like Mackinac Island. It’s the only place I’ve ever been that is completely full of tourists but, also totally chill. Mackinac Island doesn’t allow any motorized vehicles on the island and in doing so sort of dares you to slow down to the pace of long afternoon bike rides and relaxing walks along the lake. It’s a special place because it’s where my husband proposed and where we decided to create a life together.

Aside from sentimental engagement and bringing our new blended family back to visit, Mackinac has never disappointed us in offering a beautiful and calming place to grow creatively.

Plus, it has a really fantastic energy. Years ago I was doing yoga in the field next to the Mackinac Airport. I forgot my wallet in the grassy area and didn’t realize it was missing until we had already taken a ferry back to the mainland.  A wonderful police officer biked over and retrieved it long after the sun had set. I was so incredibly thankful!

I love visiting the library, getting lost on old trails, sitting by the gorgeous blue water, biking around the entire island, admiring the beautiful properties, taking photos at Arch Rock, enjoying local artists work, window shopping, and daydreaming while riding the ferry back to the mainland.

Planning a visit?

My favorite creative places are:

  • Poppins Gift Shop

  • Arch Rock

  • Mackinac’s Little Art Gallery

  • The Carriage House Restaurant

  • Hotel Iroquois

  • The Mackinac Island Library

  • The Grand Hotel

  • Shepler’s Ferry

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Gina Bell