Popcorn Party!


My mom used to read my brother and I this book called Popcorn, By Frank Asch when we were small. It was one of my absolute favorite stories because no matter how overwhelming life seems the main character doesn’t lose faith that things will work out, no matter how impossible they seem at the time. In the story, the bear throws a party and everyone brings the same delicious snack, POPCORN! Eventually the entire house fills with popcorn and they have to eat their way to safety! Sometimes life can feel a little like this children’s classic. One minute you're just going through life having a ton of fun and making delicious snacks and the next your whole house is filled with popcorn! So, before you decide you’re going to eat your way to safety, consider developing a regular self-care practice that celebrates balance and moderation before things become totally out of control.

When developing a healthy self-care practice remember to:

Prioritize your responsibilities and learn to say no to things that are no longer serving you  

Organize and mark your self-care dates on a calendar

Play, play, play!

Celebrate your small accomplishments

Own your own magic

Renew your mind, body, and soul on a weekly basis

Nudge yourself outside of your comfort zone

Gina Bell