Thirst Aid Kit

THIRST AID KIT: A set of materials and tools used to help people quench their creative thirst, connect with their imagination, and bond with the idea of nontraditional self-care


“Do not disturb” the woman in this picture. She is taking time out of her busy day to connect with her dreams, creativity, and self-care. She is very thirsty for a connection with her imagination. She will go on a delightful picnic where the grass is green, the weather is perfect, and birds perch on her hand as they sing a beautiful song together in perfect harmony. Just kidding! My husband took this shot on a cold and rainy day in Chicago when the likelihood of a picnic was very slim. We ran outside, snapped the pic, and then headed for cover indoors. So why take the picture? Because life isn’t always going to cooperate when we are thirsty for the fuel that is so needed to connect with our own unique self-care and creative spirit. Yet, it is of vital importance that we continue to show up.

So this picture serves as a reminder that I can easily fill that basket with my favorite drink, snacks, a journal, and some fun art supplies and take it anywhere for 30 minutes. On some days my basket may be filled with only drinks because I’m going on a nature hike or doing yoga in the forest. Other days it may be filled with my favorite books. Maybe my basket is for sneaking candies into the movie theatre on a rainy Sunday as I enjoy a matinee. (trust me--going to the movies alone gets less weird when you realize just how calming and fun it can actually be!) It doesn’t matter so much what’s in my kit but that I USE my kit on a consistent basis. Everyone’s kits are different and that’s what makes them work! Let’s also work on celebrating the moments in life that do all seem to come together in the nice green grass of serendipity and love. However, the chances of a bird landing on your hand as you sing in perfect harmony may not be in the near future! Just saying.

The magic here is that you don’t have to wait for a knock down, stressed out, emergency situation to use your Thirst Aid Kit. The more you use it the more you will feel connected to giving yourself what you truly need to thrive and grow. If you wait for that “perfect picnic” moment you will likely become stressed out about having to use your kit. With regular use (in the middle of a hectic life) it will just become something you do because it feels important, like brushing your teeth or showering.You’ll realize that because you’re able to connect so well with your own inner magic that your relationships with the people in your life become better connected as well. Use your kit in your home, your closet, your car, your backyard, the library, the airport,the grocery store parking lot, or anywhere else you feel like making a connection with your inner creative genius.

Using your kit is all about learning what you need to thrive and grow. It’s about slowing down long enough to get to know the magic in your heart. Give yourself permission to quench your thirst for more color and be sure to explore outside of your comfort zone along the way.


  • Fill a basket, or bag with books, magazines, snacks, drinks, art supplies, stickers, yarn, greeting cards, markers, etc. Keep a few items in the basket year round so it’s always ready. For example, leave a box of crayons and some paper in it at all times.

  • Find a quiet place to unwind and recharge

  • Always be on the lookout for new and interesting finds for your kit

  • Set a timer for at least 30 minutes

  • Try and use your Thirst Aid Kit at least once a week

Gina Bell