Feeling tired?

Stressed out?

Relationships feeling like weights?

Work feel like well WORK?

You need a creative reboot.


We were born from creativity and denying this aspect of us denies part of who we really are.

No, we aren’t talking about scrap-booking, quilting, or your grandmother’s needle point here. Creative living is about having fun and loving the adventure that life really is.


Let’s reboot your life and flip that creative switch.


Gina Bell
Gina Bell In Hawaii

Join me, Gina Bell, and other amazing ladies in Hawaii for 2 adventure filled, creativity inspiring, life changing, body moving days.

You will leave Hawaii with

  • All the ick and stress of life all in the right perspective,

  • With the tools you need to LOVE your life (yes, you can),

  • Amazing new community of women who truly have your back, and

  • Possibly even one rocking tan.

Working with Gina I have done more in 20 minutes than I have done in 20 years with my art.
— Janice
Gina Bell


Travel, hotel, and meals are not included.



I know, you wouldn’t spend a dime on yourself naturally and surely not just for a vacation.

So guess what, you aren’t.

  • This Creative Adventure isn’t just about you- it’s about your relationships with your kids, hubby, mom, dad, sis, boss, and clients.

  • This is about having you produce the quality work you know you are capable of.

  • This is about you actually being the woman you always knew you were going to grow up to be.

  • This Creative Adventure isn’t just for you- it is for the hundreds if not thousands of lives you are meant to transform from the grocery store check out person to the client that just walked into your door.

  • This about stepping up and not phoning in who you are and what you are about.

  • This is about you saying yes, to the adventure life has in store for you.