YOUR MoonRoot Spirit IS ...    ENCHANTED MAPLE

Hey sweet cheeks! It’s like totally sweet that you’re an enchanted Maple tree! When I say totally sweet I totally mean it! Your creative style is a whole lot like the warm, sweet, delicious syrup that is made from this beautiful and giving tree. Tradition says that if you have a maple tree in your yard you may have a better sense of balance and promise in your life. This is also so true of your creative energy. Helping others is such an important part of who you are and where you’re going in this fabulous life. Your genuine and kind heart is something to pay close attention to when you’re connecting with your inner creative GPS. Your sympathetic nature may also act as a guide to new adventures and future opportunities.



When it comes to a Maple’s health you’re pretty good about getting your annual physical but, are often more concerned about the health and well-being of those around you. Getting fit means you’re the first in line to sign up for the charity 5K walk or run and may even help to plan it as well! Be sure to remember that sweet Maples need to take care of themselves just as they would a very dear friend. Burnt syrup isn’t good for anyone, including you! 


  • Like to be organized 
  • Join exercise activities that benefit others
  • Enjoy a plan
  • Sometimes forget to help themselves


As a Maple, you have a very sympathetic personality and become truly invested in the lives of others. You feel inspired to help others grow because you feel a real sense of joy when you are able to give back. Remember, that it’s easy for a Maple to become resentful and sad when they are go go going and not taking care of their own sweet self. It’s time to become BFF’s with your homegirl “Pedicure”.


  • Are very sympathetic to other people’s feelings
  • Feel inspired to help others grow
  • Love the joy they feel when helping out
  • Have big, open hearts 

going out into the world

For a Maple, sweet success always comes in the form of helping people in some way or another. You may be working that nine to five job by day but, you better believe your knitting baby blankets for the the local neonatal unit by night! Connecting with your creativity and imagination will make you unstoppable on your quest to make a difference in this world and connect you to a bigger world you always knew was out there but had trouble finding!  Kindness equals courage but, that never means it’s an invitation to allow others to take advantage of your giving spirit. Always remember to own your inner badass and don’t let anyone bully you, Buttercup!


  • Thrive in an environment that gives back to others
  • Are unstoppable when making a difference
  • Believe kindness equals courage
  • Tend to be optimistic and helpful


Maples are grounded in their wisdom and value close connections with the people in their lives. The Maple is warm and generous and often builds relationships while bonding through community service type activities. You have a tender heart of kindness that empowers you to share and be vulnerable with those you choose to include in your life. A Maple’s love life thrives in an environment where her partner shares her values and totally digs the idea of kindness to all! Did my love really just jump out of the car to help a family of ducks cross the road? Heck, yes they did!


  • Are grounded in their wisdom
  • Value close connections
  • Love being warm and generous to others
  • Enjoy when others share the same values


Maples make the best volunteers! Keep in mind however that volunteering doesn’t necessarily always mean the local hospital or homeless shelter. Volunteering can mean bringing a sick friend dinner a few times a month or helping a local scout troop with their fundraising plans. Maples thrive within groups that are simply altruistic by nature. For the sweet Maple, balancing home and making a difference in her community is key to a healthy lifestyle. Just be sure not to put too many pancakes on your plate at one time, Sugar!  


  • Make the best volunteers
  • Thrive in altruistic group settings
  • Know the importance of balancing home and community
  • Give back with an open heart and big smile

style & Decor

Oh Maple, you’re so darn practical! The term “Renew, Reuse, Recycle” was literally made for you. Buying “gently used” decor for your home and life means less waste for the planet and less waste is fantastic! You may not always have super detailed home furnishings but, you do have a handful of pieces that are very warm and nostalgic. Yes, that rock on my mantel is from my first women’s march. 


  • Like to renew, reuse, and recycle
  • Enjoy sentimental home furnishings
  • Are practical when decorating
  • Tend to be very hands on

legacy & Future

Fast forward to the old and wise Maple. You have left behind a beautiful blueprint of what it looks like to help others while also remembering to nurture your own kind and loving spirit. Not only are you leaving behind a better world but, you’re also connected to the wise light that radiates from your soul and you use it as a lantern to help others to do the same. How cool is that? Set that example, Sweet Thang!


  • Teach by setting beautiful examples
  • Nurture others to feel helpful
  • Are connected to their inner wisdom
  • Light the way for others to see a better tomorrow

happiness & joy

Maples crave the delicious taste of connections with others. They are happiest when they are just naturally doing what they do best, contributing to a better world. You find so much joy in giving back and thrive in an environment where you give sweet gifts to those you love and admire. Maples know that complaining doesn’t equal a happier life… but, also see the value in having a trusted person they can sound off to when the going gets rough-- and we know the going does sometimes get rough,Toots. 


  • Have rich connections with others
  • Love giving sweet and nostalgic gifts
  • Know they need to ask for help sometimes
  • Are natural helpers and find joy in giving back


Maples are very determined to help many different causes and tend to be pretty responsible with their money. You see money as a tool to helping others and enjoy sharing the wealth. On a side note, be mindful to take care of your basic needs before letting your emotions drain your savings. Whoa… did I just adopt that whole litter of puppies?


  • Are determined to help many causes
  • See money as a tool for giving back
  • Tend to be responsible and organized with money
  • May make emotional purchases 


Maple, you tend to have a carefree approach when it comes to fashion. You have a couple of great outfits (though maybe slightly outdated) for charity events or a night out on the town but, you’re most likely to be wearing a nice reliable pair of jeans and some Chuck Taylors. There’s also a small chance you may be overdue for a much needed makeover! You’ve been so busy giving back that you forgot all about what makes your inner fashionista sing! Perhaps, more manicures Maple!! (or perhaps your first mani/pedi ever, Maple!)


  • Have a carefree approach to style
  • Love those blue jeans from 1978
  • Enjoy classics like the little black dress
  • Find joy in dressing up for special occasions


Maples trust their intuition and inner wisdom when it comes to spirituality. You feel very connected to your creative path when you are engaged with the world around you. You may find yourself meditating, reading a self-help book, or signing up for a group meditation retreat in the mountains. Your sense of empathy is your guide in trusting the connections that feel right. Your gut feeling on your spirituality makes perfect sense if you don’t overthink it. Like extra sprinkles...perfect spontaneity!


  • Trust their intuition
  • Feel most connected when engaged with others
  • Use empathy as a guide to learning about others
  • Know not to overthink things

best version of you:

When a Maple is feeling balanced, healthy, and radiant there is a feeling of enchantment. That enchantment stems from not only making a difference in other people’s live but, in changing patterns that may have kept you stuck in the past. By “always helping others” but, “never helping yourself”. When you are reconnected with your creative spirit you know the importance of making space for rest, renewal, and revitalization. You feel your most alive and adventurous in this space, feeling inspired to learn new things and explore future paths.


  • Love teaching others 
  • Know the importance of good self-care
  • Shine a balanced and radiant light of courage
  • Connect wholeheartedly with their creative energy


  • Generous
  • Practical
  • Balanced
  • Kind
  • Cooperative
  • Sympathetic
  • Helpful
  • Courteous
  • Warm


  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • What Do You Do With An Idea by Kobi Yamada
  • Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
  • Together is Better by Simon Sinek
  • You’re a Badass  by Jen Sincero
  • Peace in Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr 
  • Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better by Pema Chodron 


  • Use an hourglass dedicated to 30 minutes of “me time” each day. The sand acts as a visual reminder of the importance of making time for self-love. 
  • Make a sweet and sour list at the close of your day. Write down what felt sweet and what felt sour. Acknowledging all of your feelings makes room in your heart for new experiences. 
  • Work on less multitasking and more mindful moments in the day. Practice eating more mindfully during mealtime. Take breaths between bites and think of the journey your food made to find its way to your plate. 
  • Do one activity a week that connects you with your inner child like hula hooping or cloud watching. 
  • Take an ordinary activity or item you connect with every day and express thanks for having it in your life. “Toothbrush, I love our clean and minty bond. You’re always helping me to smile brighter and feel healthy. I’m so grateful to have you in my life.”  
  • Ask for help! Let someone in your life help you to feel less overwhelmed. Maybe you start with letting the checkout bagger carry your groceries to your car. Start small and know it’s totally normal to accept help from others. (It often makes them feel good too!)
  • Wear a pair of high heels for no other reason than you are a badass changemaker in this  world and that calls for spontaneous celebration! 
  • Get out your legwarmers and crank up some 80’s music while you let the music prepare you for something 
  • Declutter one area of your home to make space for new energy and sweet adventures.
  • Write a poem about your future healthy relationship with food. 
  • Write in a journal every day to connect with your most imaginative energy. Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages exercise is amazing!
  • When paying bills, thank the people you owe money to for the experiences they have helped bring into your life. You can even add a sweet message to your envelope while paying bills if you like!
  • Find a guided meditation and connect with the stillness of your heart.
  • Find a new charity (like Omaze) that encourages you to connect with your own interests while giving back to organizations you feel passionately about.