MoonRoot Spirit™ Profile

MoonRoot Spirit™ Profile

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Your MoonRoot Spirit™ Life is rooted in what drives you and helps you thrive.

Just a like a tree in nature, each species needs something a little bit different in the soil, temperature,and environment to grow healthy, strong, and colorful.

 Same holds true with you.


MoonRoot Spirit™ Living is about choosing to show up and connect with your color within the darkness and chaos of everyday life. This fun quiz was designed to bring you one step closer to reconnecting with you color, dreams, and creative nature.


Your complete MoonRoot Spirit™ Profile includes the 12 main areas of life:

  • Health

  • Emotions

  • Going Out Into The World

  • Relationships

  • Community

  • Style & Decor

  • Legacy & Future

  • Happiness & Joy

  • Financial

  • Fashion

  • Spirituality


You will also receive practical ways to reconnect with your MoonRoot Spirit™.


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