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Women around the world are participating in The Tears & Tulle Movement by starting their very own T&T Tribes! Just like the original Tears & Tulle Movement participants, each woman in a T&T Tribe will wear a rainbow tulle skirt and be a part of this global celebration of color and beauty. We are all The Tears & Tulle Movement and are connected through this sisterhood of magical skirts and hope for a more colorful future.

The Tears & Tulle Movement was created to celebrate women everywhere who are showing up in the world and connecting with their color from within the chaos of this beautiful, messy thing we call life.

Using a rainbow tulle skirt of your group’s choosing, each inspirational woman in your group will wear it, play in it, snap a picture of themselves in it, and send it off to the next sparkly sister on the list! 

The twist? Each person will pair the skirt with something black to emphasize her ability to show up in the world from within a place of darkness. A.K.A. our everyday struggles, hard times, and messy real-life stuff. 

Your T&T Tribes are real women showing up and celebrating their ability to grow through their pain, reconnect with color in their lives, and take a stand for women everywhere.

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