Are you ready to be part of a community that helps you grow by discovering what ROOTS you, RE-EXCITES you, and RE-ENERGIZES you? To fully share why “The Grove” is so unique we have to get all science-y with you for a minute.




Trees are connected to each other by sharing water and nutrients through underground fungal networks. They share through those connections to help each other to grow and thrive. Additionally, these networks share distress signals about drought, disease, and insect attacks so that others in the grove have the chance to alter their behavior to stay healthy.  Even seedlings of different species can share nutrients and help others grow. Mother trees can even prioritize their offspring and provide them with critical resources. In conclusion, trees seem to need rhythmic exposure to the full moon for optimal immunity, wound healing, regeneration, and growth.


Gina Bell

it’s time to grow through the dirt

This science-y explanation is the perfect way to explain “The Grove”. It is a network of like-minded women who come from all different backgrounds and MoonRoot Spirit™ types to offer wisdom to help each other thrive. The women of “The Grove” believe in supporting, loving, and branching out to their sister tree spirits to help them grow, encourage inner healing, and celebrate accomplishments big or small. We believe that every beautiful seed must grow through the dirt of this life and embrace her perfectly imperfect place in the world. “The Grove” even has guest “mother” trees that will make appearances to offer nourishment and expertise in different areas of interest.


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You belong here

So, whether you’re a Vibrant Cherry, Magical Oak, Free-Spirited Palm, or Enchanted Maple, you belong here. Even if your limbs feel tired sometimes. You belong here. Even if your branches feel lonely sometimes. You belong here. Even if your leaves feel dull and lacking in color sometimes. You belong here. Even if your bark feels dirty and messy. You belong here.

Come and be planted, nourished, and loved exactly as you were, are, and will grow to be.


Gina Bell

Come plant and grow

Because the right energy matters to trees and the true you, if the grove feels like the perfect place to get your groove on, share your details below and let’s connect.

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